#SEAFN Campaign Updates

Released Saturday February 6, 2016

SEAFN Campaign Series: VIDEO 3 Deportation

We’re a little late releasing our January Video, we apologize! Our team has been traveling and organizing in Southeast Asia throughout the month, so we are a bit behind. But we are proud to release the next video in the SEAFN Campaign Series: VIDEO 3 Deportation! This month we take a closer look at the impact of deportation on the loved ones of those who have been deported and those who are awaiting deportation. We know that deportation does not only impact the individuals who are deported, but that it is systemic, and causes devastation and trauma to entire families and communities.

VIDEO 3 Call to Action!

  • DONATE to 1Love and SEAFN’s work to build movement beyond borders, we can’t build global community without your support! THANK YOU for anything you’re able to give.
  • ADVOCATE This month, our campaign will focus on advocacy to the US State Department, one of the main overseers of repatriation agreements with foreign countries. We’re calling on community members, leaders, organizers, activists, artists, and believers to reach out to Non-Profit Organizations and Elected Officials in your area and ask them to submit a letter to the US State Department in support of revising the US-Cambodia Repatriation Agreement. If you are interested in taking action on this, please contact 1Love Organizer Naroen at k.naroen@gmail.com for more details, including letter templates. #LetsMove!!


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