1Love Mission, Vision & Values


1Love Movement is a community network of grassroots organizers that work together to unite Southeast Asian communities to organize for power, so families can protect their human rights and live with dignity.

1Love Movement organizes communities through four points of action: Leadership Development, Coalition Building, Policy Advocacy & Political Education.


The heart of our movement is for all people in every community to come together through laughter and love, and live with dignity.


LOVE: There is no division in love, just straight up addition. Love is a revolutionary power we show, even when people turn us down.

COMMUNITY & FAMILY: In empowering each other, we break down individualism. We build homes in resistance, because it’s our right to be together.

IMPERFECTION & FUN: Imperfection is our diversity, it keeps us going. What good is the fight if we don’t enjoy life, plus we get it poppin’ over here….ya mean!

RESPECT: Respect is a learning process of understanding where we’re all coming from, and treating each other as human beings who share a common bond.

PASSION: Passion is loving what you do, despite the odds, because it burns within you to do something and live how you want the world to be.

HONESTY: It’s vital that we get better at being honest about our struggles in order to build together.

JUSTICE: Freedom is the will to fight back and change hearts. It’s not about right or wrong, it’s the path to freedom that’s the just way.