About Us


In the fall of 2010, 1Love Movement formed in response to a deportation crisis that targeted Cambodian-Americans with past criminal convictions in Philadelphia, PA. What began as a campaign to release loved ones from the prison and deportation systems, grew into a grassroots movement building organization. 1Love Movement continues to organize to address the root causes of migration due to US militarism and foreign policy, conditions of poverty, intergenerational trauma, the school to prison pipeline, and unjust deportation policy. We have made grassroots impact on national policy reform, while leading grounded strategies that have won local criminal justice and immigration policy change.


Since 2010, 1Love Movement has built a grassroots base of leadership and community members across the nation who have advocated and organized to end deportation through targeting the 1996 Immigration Laws, local criminal justice and immigration policy reform, and now global organizing and foreign policy.

Check out our videos below to see our history and growth as a movement family!

2011- 1Love at 1 Year!

2013 – 1Love Builds Local Asian American Leadership!

2013 – 1Love goes National