SEAFN Campaign Series: VIDEO 2 Our Resettlement


Please watch our 2nd installment of the SEAFN Campaign Video Series below. Video 2: Our Resettlement continues our Southeast Asian American story from Video 1, looking deeper at our resettlement process in the US. As our communities tried to take root in the US, we faced violence in new and unexpected ways – both external and internal to our communities. SEAFN Campaign Series: VIDEO 2 Our Resettlement focuses on our refugee resettlement experience in the US, and our community’s experience of trauma and resilience in systems of criminalization, incarceration, and deportation.



  • DONATE to support the SEAFN Campaign trip to Southeast Asia to build movement beyond borders with our deported community.
  • SEND us to Southeast Asia with a message of love and support to our deported sisters, brothers, family and community in Southeast Asia

And finally, in response to the Call To Action released with SEAFN Campaign Series: VIDEO 1 Our Survival on November 21st 2015, we launched our SEAFN CAMPAIGN SOLIDARITY LETTER to get support from organizations, groups, businesses and affiliations. Within just 1 month, the SEAFN Campaign was endorsed by almost 200 groups across the US and Southeast Asia. This show of support is incredible! SIGN ON HERE!


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