Support 1Love Organizer Training: Donate TODAY!

On March 16, 2013, 1Love Movement and Southeast Asia Resource Action Center (SEARAC) held a National Strategy Session in San Francisco with our network organizers, advocates and allies to develop a shared vision and strategy for our work to keep families together. During this critical moment, national forces are moving to pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) that often excludes voices in our communities. We came together to find ourselves a place to land in this national struggle that represents our experience with integrity, and guides us far beyond this political moment and into the future of our communities. (Please see our previous post for more info about our CIR work.)

We spent hours of study and conversation reflecting on the issues we face, the political climate we’re up against, and our visions for the world we want to live in. Here’s a sneak peek at what we came up with!

In order for us to build our vision, we need your support. As a network, we decided that all of us need to undergo training to advance our organizing and advocacy skills, leadership development, organizational capacity, communications tactics, and strategy implementation. We are the leaders we’ve been waiting for, and we are committed to strengthening our skills as individuals and as a national network to build our community power. 1Love will focus on organizer training during the Spring & Summer 2013, and your support will help pay our fees for various programs, fund our travel to convenings and conferences, and our housing and meals while away from our homes for training.

Please consider making a donation. And thank you, as always, for your love and support.

1Love Movement was born out of a detention and deportation crisis in the Cambodian American community in Philadelphia in 2010, and now exists as a national network of grassroots Asian American organizers that unites communities through leadership development, policy advocacy and political education. We organize for community power so our families can live together with dignity. 1Love now has active chapters in Philadelphia, San Diego, Long Beach, Seattle and Kansas City, and we hope to continue to grow our community power and heart!

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