Deported to a Land He’s Never Seen

Originally posted on September 2, 2011

Please read and view this CNN story and VIDEO by Sarah Hoye, released on September 1, 2011, which details the ways in which people are criminalized in our immigration system. On the heels of a major immigration policy announcement by President Obama on August 18th that claims to offer relief to some non-citizens without criminal histories, and promises to target those with prior criminal records to ensure “national security” – this story shows one of the many examples of who we are losing in our communities with that non-discretionary promise.

1Love Movement, along with many other community groups around the country, will continue to break down the term “criminal alien,” until we are seen as human beings, and are given the core American value of due process and individualized review. Please help us do that by viewing this story and sharing it with other people in your networks, your family and your friends.

We thank all the advocates, academics, immigration attorneys and Councilman Kenney for taking part in this story to give us a voice. We thank CNN Reporter Sarah Hoye for researching and delivering such a foundational piece on the deportation of Cambodian refugees. And thank you everyone for your love – and for educating all the haters on!

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